A Feature-rich SMS Marketing Platform

Texta offers feature-rich automation and SMS campaign management tools that are very easy to use. The high variety of features makes Texta just as easy to use for companies that wish to send out marketing messages, appointment reminders, polls, etc. as for non-profit organisations like schools, sport clubs, churches, etc.


Message Scheduling

With Texta you can choose when your messages are delivered. You can have them sent as soon as you've completed setting up a campaign or pre-schedule them for delivery at a future date and/or time. As long as you keep your Android phone on and the Texta Android App running, messages will begin transmitting at the appointed date and time.


Two-Way Messaging

Receivers of your SMS Messages can reply to your message at minimum cost to them! This reply is included in your initial rate! This is perfect if you need a confirmation or feedback from the receiver, for instance for an appointment or a cancellation.


Message Personalization

Personalized SMS campaigns are known to be 3-5 times more effective than non-personalized messages. You can personalise your SMS campaigns using common mail merge tags such as First Name, Last Name, Company, Email, Phone, Age, Gender, City, Country and any other Custom Fields you might need for your campaign.


SMS Polls & Surveys

With Texta, you can create SMS polls in just a few clicks. create SMS polls in just a few clicks. Once created, all you have to do is broadcast the SMS in bulk to your customers and wait for them to respond. All incoming SMS poll responses are automatically emailed to you but they are also compiled in easy-to-understand pie charts along with tabular responses giving you a visual breakdown of the most popular answers and responses.


SMS Automation

With Texta you can automate SMS messages based on "today" matching a certain date. For example, using this type of automation you can send appointment reminders, vehicle service reminders, membership expiration reminders or a simple birthday greeting.You can also define rules within Texta to fire SMS when someone subscribes to your list, or based on criterion defined in your API calls.


Powerful Developer APIs

Texta also has a super simple but extremely powerful developer API, using which any developer can add text messaging capabilities into their own apps. Our simple to use HTTP POST/GET based API calls are available for developers to send bulk SMS as part of an interaction between your own application and the end-user (Application to Person SMS). Our robust APIs allow any developer with minimum programming experience to fire notifications, SMS verifications, welcome messages and standard streamed messages with the APIs.


Embed Links in Your SMS

Most cell phones these days have WAP or browser capabilities. With Texta you can specify a URL and our system will automatically shorten it, insert it into the SMS message and send it within the SMS. Every click on the link is tracked giving you super accurate engagement stats for your SMS marketing campaigns down to which device was used to click on the link.


Reliable Message Delivery

Texta offers a reliable and consistent text message delivery solution across several networks around the world, and in 18 languages. Because of our international alliances, negotiated rates, and volume of messages, we are able to deliver messages cheaper and better than most SMS providers in the world.


24/7 Customer Support

Optimizer, the company behind Texta, prides itself in providing the best possible customer service under the sun. We have dedicated customer service team members available 24/7 around the world to help you with your next SMS marketing campaign. Support is available via email, live chat or phone. Try us, you won't be disappointed.

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The Texta hosted solution is 100% Free. You only pay for the SMS you send using pre-paid credits that never expire.